Helping Business Overcome Communications Challenges

We understand that every organisation has specific and unique communications challenges. 

Over many decades, 2826 have supported numerous customers across a wide range of industries to address and combat their communications challenges, improve efficiencies, reduce cost and support business growth.

Here are some of the most common team communications challenges we have encountered over our several decades of being in the two way radio communications business and our solutions to help our customers overcome these challenges easily and cost-effectively.  


Affordable Communications Solutions

Capital expenditures are normally expenses a business or organisation makes to generate financial benefit over a period of years, but this can be a daunting topic.

2826 make these decisions for buyers very simple, whilst we are happy to work with all our clients to find the most suited solution operationally as well as a financing best match. 

Our budget and cashflow friendly solutions
Fit For Purpose

Software Applications That Work For You

Let 2826 tailor a solution for your changing needs that takes into account Software, Applications & Functionality that is fit for purpose and able to change as your requirements do. 

Application software packages are a powerful and simple way to enrich any modern digital two way radio system. 

Fit for purpose, adaptable solutions
Poor Safety, Productivity & Efficiency

Improving Safety, Productivity & Efficiency

Organisations not only have a duty of care to look after the wellbeing and safety of staff, but to be truly successful need to create a productive and efficient workplace.

  • Accidents do happen and it's important to put measures in place to mitigate risks and reduce these where possible.
  • Productivity, can be closely linked to spend so making sensible plans to spend where it matters is critical.
  • Streamlining modern businesses daily operations and maximising the output of available resource is paramount to success. 
2826 help you work Faster, Smarter and Safer
Future Proofing

Future Proofing

Very few purchases on technology are 100% future proof.  Technology adapts, changes and develops year on year.  Find out how 2826 can guide you through your new system purchase, migration or upgrade.

We ensuring you get the most out of any investment with us.  We make recommendations based on current needs, but accounting for changes to these needs and technology that is likely to be flexible and adaptable over time.

How 2826 can help you Future Proof
Incumbent Supplier Issues

Improving Your Current Solution

At 2826, building long term relationships with our clients is our focus.  All of our clients are treated equally and we make ongoing, regular contact to ensure all needs are met and future concerns or changes identified in good time.

Find out how we work with our clients to add value and help to solve daily hurdles in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way.

How to work with Suppliers that make your life EASY

Migrating to Digital?

In times gone by analogue two-way radio communication was at one point the go to technology, and the technology that offered the best possible service.  However, advancements in technology and changes in user behaviour has created the exception digital radio technology available today.

While analogue is not as widely used, it is still used in many cases.  At 2826 we have worked with many clients to make the journey of migrating from an analogue system to a digital one to ensure the solution is fit for purpose, agile and future proof. 

How to approach Migrating to Digital
Poor Onsite Mobile Phone Coverage

Tackling Mobile Phone Coverage Issues

Whilst a mobile or smartphone offers an array of applications to us in our personal lives, such as social media and messaging services, as a business tool to communicate or collaborate as a group, functionality is limited.

Find out how 2826 can try and match a tailored solution to your needs now and future proofing your investment in Digital Mobile Radio. 

How to Combat Poor Coverage
Hassle Free Radio Solutions

Hassle Free Radio Solutions

The 2826 motto is "Faster, Smarter & Safer."  With decades of experience in the sector, we are experts at analysing our clients' needs and coming up with affordable solutions that help them to work Faster, Smarter and Safer. 

2826 remove the hassle factor and take care of everything.  Find out how our Managed Service Program allows you to focus on your business, while we provide hassle free two way radio communications solutions from our expert team.  Let us work on these details so that you can work on your business.

Our Hassle Free Expert Management