Radio Communications for Education

2826 supply two way radios for Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country to help staff create and maintain a secure learning environment for pupils.

Over the last 20 years, 2826 have worked with numerous educational clients, including Nurseries, EYFS, Independent Schools, State Schools, Universities and Colleges. We have helped these clients navigate issues specific to the sector and enhance their communications to make day to day operations Faster, Smarter and Safer. Find out more below.

Education: Solutions and Considerations

The challenges for team communication vary via sector. From safeguarding to the environment, to industry policies and standards, each sector has a unique mix of requirements to consider. 2826 help our educational clients define their needs and navigate the specific challenges common in the sector. With many years of experience, 2826 help our clients operate Faster, Smarter and Safer using solutions fit for their specific, and often very unique, requirements. 

Why Us?

Detailed planning and coordination to create productive and safe learning environments in busy educational establishments can be challenging.

Successful learning is built around communicating, and helping our clients communicate Faster, Smarter and Safer is what we do best.

2826 take pride tailoring solutions to customers' exacting requirements, taking into account current and future needs and ensuring you get the most out of any investment long term.

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But don't just take our word for it...


“Due to our large rural location with minimal phone signal, we required a simple way to maintain effective communication between staff across the three school sites for day-to-day operations and in the event of a failure of our internal phone system. The Hytera radio system allows instant communication across our entire site which is isolated from our IT and Telephony network. With a battery backup, we can still communicate effectively even in the event of a complete power failure.  We're extremely happy with the Hytera solution and the services provided by our partner 2826 Ltd.”

S. Phillips, Network Manager. Bedales Schools.

Bedale School Case Study

Case Study - Bedales School

Download the case study which talks about our work with Bedales School.

Read the 2826 Bedales School Case Study Download Case Study