Radio Communications for Local Authorities

Radio Communications for Local Authorities

A local authority’s top priority will be the safety and security of their workforce. 2826 understands that Government is constantly pressing its departments to enhance safety and increase staff efficiency and we are armed to help our clients achieve these goals.

We have worked with many different local authorities and councils up and down the country over the years and whilst most face similar challenges, we use our tried and tested phased approach methodology ensuring each client gets a solution tailored to their exacting needs.

Local Authorities: Solutions and Considerations

Latest Government legislation, best practice and standards must be taken into account and can sometimes be overwhelming.  2826 have worked with many Local Authorities and are aware of the unique needs and processes involved in specifying and implementing communications solutions.  Here are a few benefits and communications enhancements available to Local Authorities...

Why us?

We understand the exacting and often mission critical requirements of Local Authorities.  Having worked with many Government organisations and divisions over the years, 2826's experience is unrivalled.  

Alongside the use of the latest technology, our expertise ensures that our clients get the best service, appropriate technology, that is fit for purpose and reliable, always.

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But don't just take our word for it...


"This is a real step-up in performance and capacity versus our previous solutions, and we are sure to develop the systems' functionality further with the support of 2826 Ltd, allowing us to get the most from our investment.”

Client spokesperson