Improve Safety, Productivity & Efficiencies

Improve Safety

The work place can sometimes be dangerous and unpredictable even for the most safety conscious worker and accidents do happen.  It’s therefore vital to maintain in real time communication with colleagues, this will be instrumental in mitigating damage.

Businesses globally are turning to Digital two way radios that are purpose built for safety, featuring long battery life and crystal clear audio so staff can stay connected and work with confidence. Two Way Radio features that improve safety include:

  • Man Down – Should a worker become incapacitated colleagues will be alerted immediately so that help can soon be on its way.
  • ATEX – Two way radios can be built to this standard allowing users to continue communicating in the most hazardous locations, where other devices such as mobiles phones are not authorised.
  • Lone Worker – Periodic alerts are sent to users lone working so that others know that they are safe. Should the lone worker not respond to this alert, the system with inform co-workers of a possible issue with the said individual.
  • Emergency Button – Easy to use, instant call set up for assistance when incidents occur or users require help.

Improve Productivity

Businesses globally are tightening their belts and monitoring budgets closely.  Staff members are often doing more with less resource.  Why not provide your team with the very latest digital two way radio technology so they can keep productivity high, whilst staying connected with the ability to share the latest information.

Intelligent communications connect people with the information required to be their most productive and best without disruptions.  Digital two way radio has become revolutionary driving productivity by allowing the flow of ideas, information and decisions seamlessly. Features might include:

  • Telemetry – Control and monitoring of equipment, assets and safety devices remotely, saving both time and money.
  • Bluetooth – Super speedy wireless communication between devices as well as the ability to provide precise, detailed tracking solutions.
  • GPS/ Location Monitoring – The ability to track or remotely monitor the work forces movements both indoors and outdoors.
  • Geo Fencing – Remotely monitor hazardous or dangerous working areas alerting you or a controller to movement or activity within these zones. Radios entering such areas could have their lone working automatically activated.

Improve Efficiency

Streamlining modern businesses daily operations today is paramount to success. Choosing a digital two way radio system from 2826 to truly synchronise and connect your staff will give you a greater level of efficiency.

Digital two way radios give staff rapid access to the voice and data communications they need to collaborate with processes and drive efficiency.  Useful features include:

  • Instant Push to Talk – A two way radio facilitates the ability to communicate with an individual or group of people at the touch of a single button.
  • Messaging Services – Text or status type messaging allow users to share vital operational information even when the radio channel is being used for voice calls or it may just be impractical to speak at that moment.
  • Job Ticketing - Create, assign and track tasks allocated to individuals or groups of users.

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