Mobile Phones Just Don't Cut It

At the end of 2016, 93% of the adult population have access to a mobile phone, whether personally or through their employment. 

Whilst a mobile or smartphone offers an array of applications to us in our personal lives, such as social media and messaging services, as a business tool to communicate or collaborate as a group, functionality is limited.

Time and time again we visit clients where they have become so dependent on mobile phones, purely because it’s the norm in their personal everyday lives, not because its the right business tool to communicate effectively or deliver operational efficiencies.

Mobile Phone Limitations v Digital Mobile Radio – In The Work Place


In rural locations phone network availability maybe limited or non-existent.

Digital Mobile Radio coverage can be made available anywhere.


In built up areas such as a major town or city, networks maybe overloaded due to too many users.

With Digital Mobile Radio you are totally in control of the system or network you deploy and the availability to make calls when you need it will always be there.


You may work in a building where coverage or network availability is limited due to the type of construction or where an anti-reflective film is on the glass.

Again as above a Digital Mobile Radio system can be engineered to give you coverage where you need it most, in basements or tunnels and the most rural locations you can think of.


In an emergency situation only one person can be called at any one time, therefore actions or procedures can take longer.

Digital Mobile Radio gives you the ability and flexibility to send instant voice and data communications to individuals, groups and everyone at once at the touch of a button.


You may work in a very noisy environment where making phone calls could be difficult because of background noise overpowering speech quality.

With the latest vocoder technology, voice calls from a Digital Mobile Radio will be heard loud and crystal clear in any noisy work place.  Receiving devices will automatically block out unwanted background sounds.


If you are customer facing answering a mobile phone could be perceived as rude.

Digital Mobile Radios are widely accepted now as business tools and for customer facing staff volumes can be set in discreet mode or even on vibrate if need be.


Where mobile phones these days are rarely used just for making voice calls, battery life can be limited due to the number of data applications working in the background, then when you need to make that vital call the battery lets you down.

Modern Digital Mobile Radios are designed to see out a full working shift and most devices offer around 14 hours operating time, ensuring your staff members are always contactable during a long shift. Spare batteries that are detachable from the device are also available so that changing a battery takes seconds.

The content above are the most valid points raised when clients are trying to improve the way they communicate in the work place. Of course everyone’s needs are often different and that’s why we like to take the time to sit down with our clients and understand their needs fully.  We can try and match a tailored solution to their needs now and also look at future proofing their investment in Digital Mobile Radio.

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