Incumbent Supplier Issues

Our business means more to us than simply selling boxes, we add value, engage with businesses from all industry sectors getting to the route of their daily hurdles while trying to communicate and collaborate as one.

Many of our competitors tend to sell a solution and move on very quickly with little future contact and support, most promise, only few deliver.

2826 are different, our focus is on building long term relationships with our clients no matter their size or buying power. All are treated equally and whether they are making ongoing purchases or not, we are in contact on a regular basis, not just by phone or email, but in person.

Building trust takes time and our philosophy of soft selling and a consultative approach to business has paid us dividends time and time again with repeat business, client and manufacturer referrals.

If you have issues with a current two way radio system or are not entirely happy with your incumbent supplier or service provider, please feel free to contact us. We will have an initial phone conversation with a view to meeting face to face to discuss how we can save you money and deliver your business further future efficiencies using radio based technologies.

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