What is VoCoVo?

VoCoVo is a world leading wireless team communications solution already winning awards and customers around the globe.

VoCoVo has become synonymous with innovative retail team communications solutions, improving business efficiency and customer experience for some of the UK's best known enterprises, including Wickes, Halfords and Co-op. The great thing about VoCoVo? VoCoVo headsets are easy to use, affordable and designed to help customer facing teams deliver exceptional service.  For small teams and large teams alike VoCoVo is designed to bring teams together.


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Your Team's Missing Link

VoCoVo have just announced the launch of VoCoVo Link, their latest solution in team communications and a total game changer for small teams.  We are delighted to offer this exclusive product direct to customers in the UK.

Designed to bring small teams together, VoCoVo Link helps teams collaborate instantly while they work. A truly plug-and-play solution, VoCoVo Link allows small teams to accelerate their communication immediately, boosting productivity and enabling them to "wow" customers with quality service.

VoCoVo also understand that the best doesn't always have to be the most expensive. VoCoVo Link is a VERY affordable solution, even for the smallest of teams.  It is designed to connect small teams of up to 4 people, and up to a maximum of 8, using two systems.  Thinking it might be what your team needs?  Pre-order yours today and get you set up for a more connected tomorrow. (Please note, delivery - mid May 2024.)


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Sectors VoCoVo is ideally suited to...

VoCoVo is suitable for numerous market sectors, but here are just a few of the key ones that could benefit from VoCoVo technology.  Click below to find out more about how VoCoVo works so brilliantly for each of these sectors.

VoCoVo Helps to Put Customers First

When you have solid framework for team communications, it's easy to create outstanding customer experiences.

Give your employees a voice and empower team members to offer a faster, more proactive service.

Teams Work Better With VoCoVo

Happy, motivated, connected teams produce the best results for your customers and your bottom line.
Give your team a voice and empower them to release the magic and create amazing results.

Customers confidence that a member of staff could help increased by

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