Radio Communications for Live Events

Event two-way radios are important in crowd control scenarios. Mass attendance live event management teams and organisers have an obligation to ensure public health and safety as well as good customer service.

Avoiding complete chaos in these situations, two-way radio use for event management is essential.  Events can range from festivals, concerts, motorsport, exhibitions, weddings or indeed any gathering of people, but one organisational aspect remains consistent: the need for a short-term solution for communication needs. Portable, robust, and extremely reliable within a specified coverage range, two-way radio remains a trusted communications tool for event staff.

Events: Solutions and Considerations

Mass attendance Live Events operate under tight timelines and with a specific set of challenges for the teams who create them.  A split second can make a huge difference between huge success and a problem.  Peak times when footfall is heavy, large areas over which to operate, and multiple layers of staff.  Some benefits of a well specified solution, and considerations (and possibilities) to take into account include...

Why us?

While our business has diversified, much of our original customer base sat firmly in the Events Industry.  The 2826 team know the sector intimately and with that the challenges and best ways to overcome these.

We have worked with some world famous brands and events to support them with not only smooth delivery and operations but subsequent growth.  Contact one of our experts today to find out more and have a no obligation conversation.  

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“Collectively we have been looking at the way our businesses communicate and share information, both on a day to day basis, but also when we are in full event mode, catering for up to 150,000 visitors over a weekend. When choosing a new DMR communication solution we were not willing to take shortcuts or compromise on quality; with Sepura technology I feel we have ticked all the boxes and now have a twenty-first century system that can grow with our ever evolving needs” 

Lloyd McNeill, Director.  The Goodwood Estate Company.

Case Study - S3K Group

Read the Case Study about our work to help Event Agency, S3K Group, streamline their communications with Zebra Workforce Connect.

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Case Study - Goodwood

Read the Case Study about how Sepura DMR improved communications at Goodwood. Internationally famous estate and host of Motorsport Events.

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