Future Proofing

The buzzword future proof describes a product, service or technological system that will not need to be significantly updated as technology advances.  In reality, very few technical purchases are truly future proof.

2826 will guide you through your new system purchase, migration or upgrade ensuring you get the most out of any investment with us.  We tend to only recommend digital two way radio solutions utilising the TDMA platform. 

TDMA stands for “time divisional multiple access” and you can find out more about the DMR “Digital Mobile Radio” and TETRA “Terrestrial Trunked Radio” utilising TDMA under New Systems.

Why do we favour and recommend these platforms for our clients? Well the reasons are simple and as follows:

Why DMR and TETRA?

1. These technologies, DMR and TETRA using TDMA are the most mature and globally recognised options.

2. Key manufacturers globally invest the most research, development and investment into this area annually.

3. The two technologies are truly Open Standard meaning multiple manufacturers products can be used within a system, offering customers the widest choice when choosing relevant devices for their system uses.

4. Due to the continual investment by key manufacturers globally, third party software application developers also invest huge amounts annually improving software to compliment digital radio features and functionality (see our software and applications page).

5. DMR is fully backward compatible with legacy analogue solutions, meaning migration from analogue to digital can be a staged process to suit requirements and budgets.

6. Both solutions offer improved spectrum efficiency meaning less physical licenced channels are required from OFCOM saving you money.

7. Due to strong manufacturer competitiveness, developed products within this area have become the most robust in terms of build quality, technically advanced, feature rich and reliable.

8. Probably one of the most noticeable reasons to invest here as far as you the user is concerned will be the crystal clear audio quality. The key manufacturers have worked tirelessly improving speech quality and definition over the years.  New users migrating to digital from legacy analogue continually comment on the impressive clarity in speech quality and we are sure you will too.

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