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Zebra Workcloud Communication

Zebra Workcloud Communication (previously known as Zebra Workforce Connect) offers a wide range of communication solutions that help businesses of various types improve efficiency. It can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of any organisation.

With Workcloud Communication, you can deploy employees with greater flexibility and boost information exchange, thereby elevating operational efficiency and delivering superior customer service.

Workcloud Communication boosts workforce flexibility and improves the flow of information. The output? Operational excellence and outstanding customer service.


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The All-in-One Solution to Supercharge Efficiency

Imagine consolidating your team’s essential apps into a single smart, handheld device - eliminating the inefficiency of juggling multiple devices. Zebra Workcloud Communication integrates smoothly with a range of Android and iOS devices.

By replacing outdated technology like pagers and DECT phones with more efficient alternatives, businesses can enhance productivity and achieve significant cost savings.

WorkCloud Communication is an excellent tool for boosting operational performance, taking it to the next level.


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The PTT Pro application transforms Android or iOS devices into high-quality, enterprise-grade two-way radio systems.

PTT Pro is a powerful platform with many features. It allows colleagues to use their mobile device to broadcast time-sensitive PTT (Push-To-Talk) voice, image, video and text messages to an individual, group or entire team at the touch of a button.

  • Communication without boundaries: Workcloud Communication is a mobile app that allows you to communicate with anyone in the world, instantly and without limits.
  • Maximise productivity: PTT is a more efficient and secure way to communicate at work than texting or calling.
  • Make use of your own device: PTT Pro is an app that runs in the background on any Android or iOS device.
  • Location services: Keep an eye on team members' whereabouts and availability and ensure effective allocation of staff resources. Improve safety as a result.
  • Improve emergency protocols: An emergency alert override feature ensures that the most important messages are never missed.


PTT Premium

PTT Premium gives employees the freedom to communicate with their teams in whatever way works best for them.

PTT Premium enhances the capabilities of PTT Pro by integrating Zebra’s Profile Manager tool. This feature allows the device's user to access tailored groups, contacts, workflows, and additional resources specific to their job role.

  • Streamlined communication: Equipped with all Push-to-Talk, messaging, and various communication features available in PTT Pro.
  • A dependable enterprise solution: Use a trusted platform to communicate with others, rather than relying on personal devices.
  • Location based intelligence: Use GPS to locate workers whether they are within the premises or beyond. Utilise their position to form adhoc talk groups.
  • Interchangeable devices: With PTT Premium, devices can be rotated among employees, while ensuring customised role-based access to relevant groups and features for each user.
  • Custom-fit for any business: PTT Premium is highly configurable, with customisable rules and access limitations for each role.


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Enterprise Voice

Zebra Enterprise Voice enables companies to streamline communication. By equipping employees with a single device that offers BPS (Business Phone Systems - previously PBX) voice calling capabilities, employees are freed from being tied to a single workstation.

  • Flexibility: Enterprise Voice can be purchased as a standalone solution or added onto PTT Pro, depending on your needs.
  • Seamless integration: Enterprise Voice swiftly and effortlessly aligns with existing infrastructure to maintain continuity.
  • Call management: Automatically direct incoming calls to employees based on their roles for rapid and precise responses.
  • Minimal training: Enterprise Voice's straightforward and user-friendly interface means no onerous onboarding or training.
  • Fully customisable: The interface can be designed with the most relevant features and functions, making colleagues' lives easy.


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Task Management

Zebra Task Management (formerly Reflexis) improves sales by automatically prioritizing and assigning tasks to the on-site team, boosting efficiency for single or multiple sites. The Workcloud Communication ecosystem provides clear visibility into task performance, making it easier than ever before for frontline teams to engage with their work.

  • Workload distribution: Automate task allocation to keep workloads fair and reduce unnecessary overspend on overtime.
  • Automated role-based assignments: Efficiently route tasks to the right people matching their skills, availability, and preferences.
  • Streamline processes: Front-line employees can easily overview daily tasks to prioritise them. Managers gain instant understanding of task completions, timelines, and staff responsible.
  • Improve store operations: Make managing easier by highlighting specific actions to take next.
  • Easy to use interface: A contemporary design, offering customisation features like pinning essential tasks for easy access.
  • Mobile first solution: Place all necessary apps in one handheld device, allowing staff to work more quickly and accurately, anywhere they need to be.


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