How to save teams 105 minutes per day with team communication

The worst of the pandemic is thankfully behind us, but its effect on the UK economy will be felt for years to come. While the overall unemployment rate has fallen to pre-pandemic levels, recovery has been slower in the retail sector. Nearly 90,000 retail jobs were lost in 2021, and many stores are still operating with reduced numbers.

While we can’t help you to find extra colleagues, we can ensure that you make the most of the ones you have. VoCoVo is designed to increase efficiency and cut wasted time to a minimum. Here we take a look at the most common causes of inefficiency on the shop floor, and the ways in which VoCoVo voice communications can make things better.

What is slowing colleagues down?

In 2020 VoCoVo conducted a survey with colleagues from over 100 stores about the challenges they faced at work. They were asked to name the biggest causes of inefficiency on the shop floor. The same two answers came up time and again:

  • Trying to find information for customers (26%)
  • Searching for other colleagues to ask for help (26%)

Both of these problems come down to the same thing: a lack of communication. Colleagues are well aware of this, with almost half saying that more effective communication is the key to improving productivity. This is where team voice communications can help…

More talking, less walking

Answering customer queries often means walking to another department to find information. This is not only frustrating for colleagues - it’s also bad for business. VoCoVo’s recent survey found that over a quarter of customers will leave your store if they are kept waiting for more than five minutes. 

VoCoVo headsets solve this problem by putting information at your fingertips:

  • Speak to colleagues directly, without searching for them, through voice communications 
  • Contact the stockroom  to check on orders in a matter of seconds

This approach will reduce daily walking distance by an average of 1.4km per colleague. This is a huge timesaver, freeing up colleagues to serve more customers and complete other important tasks.  

Unlock the power of multitasking 

The shop floor can be a challenging place. Colleagues are always “on call” to answer customer questions, and this can make it difficult to focus on other tasks. 

40% of colleagues say that effective multitasking would make them more productive. VoCoVo headsets offer the perfect solution:

  • Hands-free design allows colleagues to answer questions while continuing to work
  • Telephone integration lets colleagues take external calls without leaving the shop floor
  • Colleagues can set their own voice reminders to make sure they don't forget important tasks.

Time is money

By improving task efficiency and cutting out unnecessary walking, the average store can save 105 minutes a day. That’s the equivalent of adding an extra eight hour shift every five days.

This also translates into a considerable financial saving. VoCoVo’s research shows that improving task efficiency and reducing walking distance can save you over £550 a week. With these savings alone, VoCoVo will pay for itself in just 16 weeks.

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