Meet VoCoVo Go

VoCoVo Go & Go+ are team communications kits that work straight out of the box. They’re perfect for teams with 100 stores or less, who need to have crystal-clear, full-duplex voice conversations on-the-go.

Ready to ‘plug & play’, VoCoVo Go kits are designed to connect your team straight out the box. VoCoVo Go gives your team instant access to team conferences and one-to-one voice conversations. Just open the box, plug in your Base Unit, charge your headsets and go!

VoCoVo Go and Go+ come with all of the hardware you need without the additional software capabilities that come into play for larger stores, making them great for small teams who need to stay connected over wide areas. VoCoVo Go systems are popular with garden centres, car dealerships, conference venues, gyms, production sites and even care homes—wherever there’s potential to bring teams together and give customers a better experience.

Straight out of the box solution

Wireless communication with the latest conferencing technology.

  • Ready to go:  Everything you need is in the box—just plug in, charge your Headsets and go!
  • Wide coverage: VoCoVo Headsets deliver crystal-clear voice communication across indoor and outdoor areas.
  • One-off cost: VoCoVo Go comes with all the essential hardware you need. No subscriptions and no hidden fees.

What are the benefits of VoCoVo Go?

VoCoVo Go wireless team communications are easy to use, easy to install and affordable. Here are the main reasons many of our customers use VoCoVo Go...

What’s in the box?

VoCoVo Go comes with all the hardware you need to connect a team of five or up to 29 people with additional Headsets. We’ve included a multi-unit charging rack for storing your devices when they’re not in use, so you’re always ready to go.

Standard VoCoVo Go:

  • 1 x VoCoVo Base Unit
  • 5 x VoCoVo Headsets with headbands
  • 1 x VoCoVo multi-unit charge rack

Optional extras are also available including... VoCoVo Handset, VoCoVo Repeater, additional headbands and earhooks, additional ear cushions, additional multi-unit charge rack.

VoCoVo Gold Partner

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