What is a Radio System?

A radio "system" is the brain or the infrastructure that makes improvements or indeed facilitates clear voice and data communication between two way radios. 

2826 design, build, implement and maintain "systems" based on clients individual needs. 

Many fully configurable functions can be incorporated into modern digital radio systems and these include, but are not limited to:

  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Job Ticketing & Dispatch
  • External & Internal GPS
  • Call or Event Logging
  • Text or Data Messaging
  • Telemetry
  • Priority Calling
  • Lone Working & Mandown
  • Emergency Signalling
  • Voice & Data Encryption
  • Email & Mobile Phone Gateways  

A digital two way radio system using some of the features above will improve productivity, save money and increase safety for your business. In today's competitive business landscape maximising productivity in all areas of communication we believe is mandatory to success. 


Our Phased Approach

Our Phased Approach

Our team will work closely with key stakeholders to agree the details of our phased methodology in line with operational and any initial budget constraints.

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Improve Safety, Productivity & Efficiencies

Improve Safety, Productivity & Efficiencies

Intelligent communications connect people with the information required to be their most productive and best without disruptions.

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