Keeping conversations private and secure with two way radios

Businesses need to stay secure when it comes to communication. Being able to have private conversations with your employees in real-time is crucial, especially when sensitive information is involved. Here we explore the best ways to ensure your two-way radio conversations are kept private and secure.

Security Considerations & Sensitive Information

Analogue Radios vs Digital Mobile Radio

Your business may have a need to use radios to communicate with your staff, but you may be wondering how secure they actually are. As it turns out, there’s a big difference between analogue radios and digital mobile radios (DMR). It is therefore important to understand the difference between them.

Analogue radios transmit information in an unencrypted format. This means that anyone who can access the airwaves can listen in on your conversations through a scanner or other such device. If someone intercepts your signal on an analogue system, they'll be able to hear everything that you say in real time—even if the conversation is private or confidential in nature.

Digital mobile radios encrypt information being sent over their frequencies and are thus much more secure than analogue models. DMR encrypts data using a high-level encryption algorithm known as AES-256-bit encryption. This means that only authorised users can listen in on conversations using their own set of decryption keys. It also means that anyone else trying to listen will find themselves listening to gibberish! DMR offers excellent voice quality too - perfect for communicating sensitive information across large distances without losing clarity or being subject to dropouts during transmission.

When choosing between digital models, you must decide whether you need voice encryption only or if data encryption is also required (i.e., text messaging). If your business needs to communicate sensitive information via two-way radio, then we strongly recommend selecting a model with both types of encryption so as not to compromise its security level at all.

Keeping Conversations Private

When discussing sensitive information, the best way to keep your conversations private is to use a private channel and a secure radio. These methods ensure that only those with the right equipment, authority, and know-how, can access your conversation.

  • Using a private channel: When using two-way radio systems, it’s important to pick the right channel so that no one else can eavesdrop on what you’re saying. When communicating over public channels like police scanners, anyone can listen in if they have access to the same frequency as you are using at that moment. To avoid this problem, pick an unused frequency or find an empty one.
  • Using encryption: Encryption scrambles data into unintelligible noises when someone tries listening in on it. Encryption prevents these types of recordings from being made in the first place.

Using Analogue Radio for Private Conversations

Analogue radios are the most secure way to communicate over the air. They offer private channels that cannot be intercepted, so if you want to make sure no one is listening in on your conversation, this is the best way to make sure it stays that way.

Setting up a private channel on an analogue radio is straightforward; it just requires setting up a frequency and pairing it with another person's radio in order to keep your conversations secure. 

You can keep your two-way radio communications private by using encryption technology like P25 or TETRA, which will encrypt all transmissions made between radios equipped with this type of encryption technology. This ensures that only users with compatible equipment will be able to hear these transmissions and discard them if they don't have access rights.

In Conclusion

When you need to communicate with the people you work with, it can be hard to find a solution that doesn’t compromise your privacy. Two-way radio systems are one of the best options for this type of sensitive information because they allow you to have private conversations without any eavesdroppers (unless they’re standing right next to you). 

Two-way radios are an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with your team members safely and securely. Speak to one of our experts today for advice on the best secure two-way radio solution for your needs.