3 Advantages to using body worn cameras for your business

The most effective method for improving safety and security in many businesses is via the use of body worn cameras. Due to the numerous advantages they offer, body worn cameras (bodycams) have grown in popularity amongst businesses in recent years.

Body-worn cameras offer many advantages to organisations. As a wearable video recording device, they add a layer of awareness in any situation, discouraging inappropriate behaviour. Additionally, they act as a surveillance tool, helping to prevent crime.

Here, we explore the top three advantages of body-worn cameras and explain why it could be a good idea to consider them for your organisation.

1. Reduction in incidents

The first advantage of body-worn video is the extra level of situational awareness they can offer. Body worn cameras are frequently worn by a variety of people, including delivery persons, first responders, drivers of public transportation, and school officials.

This technology adds an extra level of security for businesses. It also allows those in public-facing roles to be held accountable for their actions. The National Institute of Justice discovered in one of its studies that bodycams can lessen the frequency and intensity of incidents in police services. Several industries are now starting to adopt and use the technology, most noticeably those in healthcare, retail, and security. 

2. Deterring inappropriate behaviour

The use of body-worn cameras has a hidden ability to deter inappropriate behaviour. The presence of a body-worn video can reduce the number or severity of incidents, as well as providing the wearer with an increased sense of safety. Body-worn video can be used to protect against hostile student conduct and provide businesses with footage that can be used to identify individuals who are violating public health norms.

3. Surveillance monitoring

Body-worn cameras provide businesses with a surveillance tool to help prevent crime and capture it on camera if it does happen. Body-worn cameras can be used to monitor areas of a business that may be vulnerable to theft or other criminal activity.  This technology can also be used to track employee performance and ensure that employees are following safety protocols.

 The future of body-worn cameras

In-the-moment video recording and keeping up with news and happenings wherever you are will expand as technology develops and human behaviour shifts. The body-worn camera has caught up to this "always in the know" aspect of technology. It won't be long before body-worn camera technology becomes commonplace, with features like facial recognition and live streaming to the cloud. Standard body-worn cameras have developed to become smaller, lighter, and more sophisticated with a range of characteristics that include:

  • Full HD video quality

  • Infrared technology

  • Night vision camera

  • Integration with wearable technology

  • Live stream capacity to other devices

Leading the way with body-worn cameras

If your business is considering body-worn cameras, you should look for a company that continues to advance body-worn cameras with cutting-edge hardware and software design.

Here at 2826, we collaborate with Hytera and Motorola because of their vast industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and demonstrated track record of creating high-quality solutions that satisfy the requirements of contemporary enterprises. With push-to-talk technology, and integration with control room solutions, Hytera and Motorola are leading the way as top providers of professional communications technologies and solutions. 

Hytera Bodycams – for live streaming capabilities

The ability to live stream to other devices is particularly evident when using a Hytera Bodycam in combination with a Hytera PDC760 Multi-mode Advanced Radio or the latest Hytera VM780 Bodycam which comes equipped with built-in LTE. 

Motorola Bodycams – for wide-angle vision

The cutting-edge Motorola VB400 bodycam solution takes charge of every situation. This next-generation body-worn camera boasts a sturdy build quality and top-notch performance, ensuring the person wearing this is always ready for action.

Motorola understands the importance of capturing every detail, which is why the VB400 comes equipped with a wide-angle, 1080p HD lens. This lens is specifically designed to capture high-quality video from the wearer's perspective, providing transparency, enhancing personal safety, and showcasing professionalism.

In summary

Overall, body-worn cameras can provide businesses with a variety of benefits, including improved safety and security. By providing an additional layer of situational awareness, deterring inappropriate behaviour, and providing a surveillance tool to prevent crime, body-worn cameras can help businesses protect their employees and customers.

Need some help working out what body-worn camera is suitable for your business?  Contact one of our experts today.


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